Thursday, 3 September 2015

Schoolism - Digital Painting with Bobby Chiu

Lesson 1 - Visualizing Through Darkness

Bobby Chiu's line work. Lesson on building up tone.

Lesson 2 - Colorizing from Black & White

Bobby Chiu's line and tonal work. Lesson on colourizing.

Lesson 3 - Textures Part 1

Bobby Chiu's drawing. Lesson using a traditional texture, utilizing the skills from lesson 1.

Lesson 4 - Textures Part 2

Bobby Chiu's base colour drawing. Lesson on using textures and small details to finish a piece.

Lesson 5 - The Smudge Technique

Bobby Chiu's cross hatch line drawing. Lesson on using the smudge tool to give a traditional effect.

Lesson 6 - Custom Brushes

Bobby Chiu's colour drawing of a woman's head. Lesson learning to create custom brushes.

Lesson 7 - Vectors

Bobby Chiu's design. Lesson using the Pen tool.

Lesson 8 - Color Sketching

Bobby Chiu's pencil drawing. Learning to lay in base colours, and lighting. Learning about colour schemes and lighting.

Lesson 9 - Color Finishing

Learning to take the colour sketch to a fully finished piece. 

The course was awesome, I definitely learned a lot more than I thought I was going to. I would recommend the Schoolism courses they are great and Bobby Chiu is a great and insightful teacher. On to my next one!

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