Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Mini Catch up

Right then. I'm back from my week in Kos. It was really fun, was extremely hot though, almost too hot to do anthing I think it reached something like 38-40 at some points. I'm a bit of a nervous flyer and on the flight over, we flew over a lightning storm! It was a bit scary but one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. It was in the middle of the night pitch black and you just about see the bank of cloud and every now and again they'd light up in a patches right under the plane! It was crazy they were different colours too, red, yellow, light purple I'll never forget it. Kos is a really pretty island with lots of ruins which was really interesting but it was also quite commercialised which was kinda dissapointing. Just had to avoid those parts. Wwent to a volcanic Island on a boat called Nisyros which was cool, again boiling hot but you could even go down into the volcano and see the sulpher boiling away. Did stink a bit though :P. The rest of the week was fun just explored a bit went to the other end of the island which had nicer beaches and crystal clear water. Was really nice. Oh! They have the best bakeries/Icecream Parlors ever, open untill 2 am. That's my kinda place. Had so many flavours from Kinder Bueno to Red Bull! (not a fan of Red Bull though was a bit gross)

Annoyingly on the way back we got delayed for around 19 hours because of Greek Air controll strikes, damn them! But we all got home safe eventually. I might post up a few pictures when I upload them.

Still looking for a job, the hunt continues. Untill I find them I'm concentrating on expanding my knowledge and also some of my own projects. i'll give you a little info on one. It's a mini flash series to help me practis and become more proficent with it. It's still in the development stages at the moment though. I'm also trying to do more concept work. I really need a better and bigger tablet though. This one still hurts my hand.

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