Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Well as a whole I am pleased with this year but there are alot of things I feel I could have improved on and if I had managed my time better.

I am very happy with the final production of my film, but I think there are quite a few scenes that need improving animation wise and the quality of my drawings. The middle section of my film, the montage scene came out exactly how I wanted, even with the last minute decision of having some animation in it using photoshop and not just as stills. This was alot of work but I think it payed off. I would still like to go back and improve parts of this also.

After playing around in Toon Boom whilst colouring some of the earlier scenes I descovered it was much easier and quicker to clean up in ToonBoom also. If I were to do this again, I would use Toon Boom to clean up from the start as I wasted alot of time cleaning up my scenes with pencil then scanning them in, and due to technical issues with the scanner, the output was not always the best quality and I ended up drawing them again anyway. So I would cut this whole process out and take the rough animation straight into ToonBoom.

Also I had alot of problems settling on my backgrounds, with getting a style that I liked and that suited the animation and the characters and the world. After alot of wasted time I settled on a style and did all the backgrounds myself, after originally asking some others to collaberate but this was hard as I hadn't even settled on what I wanted them to be myself. So again if I had more time I might go back to these and tweek them, maybe simplify them or try out some alternative ideas.

I am very happy with my style of animation, even though some scenes need alot of work and were left till the last mintue. I experimented with squash and stretch a lot more, which took several attempts to loosen up on some shots. I am also very pleased with the sound effects and narration I feel they both suit the film but during hand in the levels were rushed to get it in on time so I will go back to this and improve it.

So overall I am happy the final produced film but would have hopefully improved it further had I extra time.

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