Thursday, 6 May 2010

Ding Dong

Today has been good. Woke up reasonable time, but only to find a mouse in a panic trying to drag a wrapper down a hole behind my sink, unsuccessfully and squeaking with frustration. Waited until it gave up after about 15 mins and taped up the hole and the entire area. Even though they are quite cute I'd rather not have a mouse in my room, especially a determined one.
Then to uni had a talk with some people from Dinamo which was rather cool, went well I hope. Then off to see Iron Man 2. Really enjoyed it apart from the uber nerds behind us talking at normal voice level all the way through the film.
Now that the dissertation is in and mostly everything else, it's really nice to be able to concentrate entirely on my film, even if it is jsut for two week. Really excited about getting it finished now and really looking forward to the Glammies, woohoo!

Here's some life drawing.....

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