Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Catch Up

Well, tis been a while again since I have updated here. Been manic with uni, handed in my dissertation today and life drawing last week so pretty much jsut have my film left to concentrate on. Really looking forward to finishing it, I'm alot more proud of it than last years film, I like it looks alot more polished. Hopefully when that's all done and dusted I can go on and finally do some of my own stuff with out feeling guilty that I'm taking time away from my film. Why do you always get ideas when you have something else to do? I bet I'll forget them all as soon as I hand in my film.
Really want to improve my digital and concept skills, so hopefull I'll be cranking those out a dime a dozen. Been looking at my 'Art of Warcraft' books and got loads of ideas for weapons I want to get down. Oh and my 'Art of how to train your dragon' turned up, tis lovely. Makes me want to draw more fantasy stuff like I used too. Oh the future is so exciting now (and scary), so many possiblities. Let's hope it all goes ok for once. Would be nice to catch a break :)

Character for a comic I want to develop

Sketch of the Fembot

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