Saturday, 13 February 2010

Some stuff

Well time to play catch up. Now I have some new techology to hand (yay) it's alot easy to keep things organised.

Couple of weeks ago we were set a project to make a CV for ourselves but make it different and stand out. Mine's not quite what I wanted but I only had so much time. I wanted to make it look like a model sheet from a production folder. I was going to to do a turn around orinigall and I think I still might. I added notes on it in my own hand writing to make it look more like it need to be checked by who ever was reading it, mwahahaha sneaky :P.

Just come back from work experience at A productions Ltd. Was an interesting week, got to see how an actually studio works what goes on etc etc. Really cool. Apart from waking up at 6am everyday...that sucked but I managed to do it and I didn't oversleep once! Achievement! Did some concept ideas for them for a side project they are working on which was really cool, will do some more once I have more of my film out of the way.

..................and who doesn't love the Pratchett, one of my favourite quotes

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