Thursday, 31 December 2009

Merry Crimbo and a Happy New Year!

Well what a hecktic 2 weeks these have been! Not only normal holiday shinnanigans but also my parents are downscaling to a smaller house as obviously the old one is far too big for just the 2 of of them now since myself and my brother and sister have moved out. I'm sad and happy about it, I want them to be comfortable but I've lived there all my life so it'll be weird.

Student finance have also decided to be more arkward than usual ( I've had never ending problems with them, having a double barrel name obviously means I'm 2 different people :S) anyway they want old paperwork so we need to go dig that out aswell now argh! I need a holiday.
Hopefully 2010 will be a much better year for me, less stress, my mums ok and hopefully will be for a very long time, getting glorious marks for my work in uni and winning all the glammies... That's right ALL of them! Mwahaahahahahahaha........
Getting a new pc next week can't wait not only awesome for my work obviously but part of me will finally be very greatful for smooth running non-lagging HD warcraft ;)

Tis also my birthday next friday on the 8th so I can see next week being pretty crazy aswell. Thinking I might have a purple theme party not sure yet. It's annoying having a birthday exactly 2 weeks after christmas and 1 week after new years, I have to wait an another entire 12 months again. Summer birthdays have it best.

No artwork with the update as I'm doing it from my phone so hopefully have some stuff to wap on here by the time I get set up again in Cardiff.

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