Sunday, 20 December 2009

Catch Up

Right I've been really slack the last few weeks on here so I have a lot to upload.

The last few weeks of uni were pretty crazy because of the hand in. I left a lot of things till last minute (as usual, even thought I promised myself I would this year, but hey ho let's hope I'm in a clearer mind set after the holidays especially as I think I might have a new decent desktop....which is actually mine. Since my laptop died this Easter my friend very kindly lent me the use of his laptop until mine was fixed, even after when I found out that it couldn't be fixed and was just a heap of useless very expensive metal and plastic. So yeah hopefully new pc, so I can keep myself more organised.)

I will definitely faff about a lot less and get stuck into my work and hopefully get a good portfolio and some side projects in the work.

Week 6, 7 and 8

Basically week 6 was spent trying to scrape everything together ready for hand in and whoah was there some scraping

Week 7 was spent faffing a bit and designing backgrounds which I already should have done and starting some layouts, (some of which maybe invisible to untrained eye, unlike my own which can see that I have finished them my head.)

Week 8 was the first week of the holidays which I wont deny in saying I did what I do best which was stay up late and sleep all day.

Now embarking on week 9 (the week of christmas) I have seen the err of my ways, and I hope to rectify this toot sweet so to say.

Below are a selection of boards from my preproduction folder which I am more proud of. I will also update with some of my own drawings and new work very very soon, maybe even straight after this post.

Wow I'm quite enjoying sitting here rambling, maybe its the new energy from being properly nourished (my mum's cooking)

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