Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Week 3

Late again.

Been trying to progress the story, having a hard time doing it. I have a couple of scenarios that I want to happen. After mulling it around in my head for a bit, the original idea I had seems quite cliche so I might take a more personal approach. The original idea was a mother tucking he child into bed saying 'don't get out of bed and stay tucked up or the hand thieves will get you' but my new idea is it's being narrated by the child when he's older saying how he cant sleep with his hands out, no one ever believed him no even his mother but he had seen them and what they do. I'm not typing this very well as it's literally just forming in my mind.

Also I'm starting to scare my self a little with the concept stuff that's coming out. Warning for these next pics it's a bit grusome, 3 different versions of it. Feed back on the level of grusomeness I should use would be great.

Firstly biting a toy, that's ment to be stuffing but it just looks like he's frothing at the mouth, I don't think this works aswell as the later ones.

Secondly biting a real hand but it's just sore no gore :P

Thirdly lots and lots of blood.

Lastly, just him biting floating in the air :D

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JoshuaTree said...

i like the one with the sore hand best, are they actualy gona bite hands off? do one of the fat one completely devouring a hand in his mouth up to the wrist that wd be cool lol, i can imagine him pulling an evil face when he takes the arm out with no hand on the end