Friday, 23 October 2009

Week 01

Ok, so for our final major project in uni we have to keep a journal, so I know I won't keep a written one I'll forget like last year. So, I thought if i post a weekly update on here I will remember everything that's happened in the week and I will have a logged account of all of it to refer to once I'm done :D (wish I'd thought of this last year). I'll also post up a few drawing each time, only the best ones though of course. So here goes.....

Week 01

Received our brief for the major project on Monday, decided I'm going to make a film although I already pretty much knew I wanted to do that. This week has just been concentrated on getting ideas really, drawing loads and loads of random characters to help kick start the imagination. I've settled on two ideas now that I like I just need to decide which one now I'm going to stick with. One is more sci-fi based and the other kinda dark macabre humor ish......*arkward face* I'll probably go into more detail in later entries as I haven't quite settled on the stories/narrative yet.

Here's a few rough sketches of some character designs (for the second idea), I've selected just a few and I've taken them into photoshop to paint to help practise my digital painting skills also.

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JoshuaTree said...

i love the bird at the bottom, draw the rest of its body!